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Aussie Odyssey 2017

It’s the average Singaporean’s favourite holiday destination and not being an average Singapore, it’s only until now that I finally decide to check out some of the not so conventional attractions Down Under. Follow me on my hectic journey with 2 kids in tow! Aussie Odyssey Part 1 (Darwin/Uluru) Aussie Odyssey Part 2 (Kata Tjuta/Kings […]

Taroko Gorge

You can read all about Taroko Gorge at Wikitravel. In this blog post, I’ll touch on my personal encounter. There are several trains (but not the High Speed Rail) travelling along the east coast of Taiwan. I booked seats on Ju Qiang 筥光号 online, printed out the acknowledgement and collected my tickets at the counter. […]

Maharaja Standard Train Travel

This is the kind of trains which backpackers and other budget travellers to India would be quite unfamiliar. Is this Indian luxury of the highest order? Before you make a booking, you may want to check out the fares. I’m not advertising for them. Go google their website yourself. This is incredible India. Check Out […]

Desaru Trip

Of course it’s “only” Desaru and there isn’t much adventure here, but for a short getaway, it makes perfect sense. We got up and left home at about 0600. It was still dark and the trains were not crowded yet. The queue at Kranji MRT station was also pretty short. Nevertheless, we did encounter some […]

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