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Heavenly Treks 8th August 2016


This is an ambitious expedition to climb 3 mountains in Central Java. I call the series of treks “Heavenly Treks” because the scenery is so awesome that you won’t believe you’re still on earth – let alone a “cheap” destination (to many snobbish Singaporeans) like Indonesia. I shall begin by flying into Jakarta in the […]

Back From Kinabalu


Kinabalu 2016 Post Earthquake Climb I’m back from Mt Kinabalu, having reached the summit for the 5th time on 24th May 2016. Unfortunately for me, the weather was awful for the two days. I walked up a cascade on my way to Laban Rata and on summit day, I had to battle freezing rain, strong […]

Everest Trek Gone Wrong?

Chan Joon Yee

Everest Trek Gone Wrong? I’ve stopped organising trips and I don’t keep track of adventure trips organised by others, but there has been quite an outcry over a recent trek (“standard” Everest Trek, Nepal) organised by a group that called itself Singapore Trekking Group. Here is the report from their Facebook page after the trek: […]

Back In Chengdu

We had our last breakfast at Siguniang this morning. The porridge was good but the kids really wanted sometging different. It’s amazing how climbers and trekkers who stay there for a week or more have the same breakfast every morning. Our jeep which was supposed to pick us up at 0930 came more than an […]

Shuang Qiao Gou

So it’s not Jiu Zhai Gou, but it’s still worth a visit being less commercialised and crowded. There are 3 gous or valleys in the Mt Siguniang area. Shuang Qiao Gou is the one that requires the least walking and most suited for sissies and my little one who was showing signs of ams on […]

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