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Wuling Farm, Taiwan

Geographically, Wuling Farm 武陵农场 lies in Taizhong County. In reality, it’s quite a distance from the city of Taizhong itself. The name “wuling” means military hill. This hilly region was originally established in 1963 to farmland for retired soldiers to keep themselves occupied and productive. Under the leadership of the first director, army veterans cultivated […]

The Ruins Of Old Papan

Papan was once a small but prosperous tin-mining town in Peninsula Malaysia. Long-abandoned by fortune seekers, the town now lies in ruins. The ghostly images of a once prosperous town now attracts sophisticated visitors with an eye for antiquities. No. 74, Papan Perak No 74 Main Street, Papan, must be one of the most famous […]

Hehuanshan Easy Climbs

There are a staggering 286 mountain peaks over 3000 metres above sea level on the relatively small island of Taiwan. That’s a lot for such a small island to hold. While some of the peaks may take days of trekking to reach, a few can be approached on paved roads. Part of the Central Mountain […]

Gunung Rinjani

It’s the third highest mountain in Indonesia and the second highest volcano after Kerinci, but thanks to its stunning scenery – arguably some of the best in the world, Rinjani has become the most climbed expedition peak (that would exclude walks in the park like Mt Bromo) in Indonesia. The popularity of the mountain notwithstanding, […]

Clandestine Border Town – Mong La

Thailand 68.8M, Laos 6.8M, Shan State (Myanmar) 5.8M, Xishuangbanna (China) 1.3M. About 82M people in the region share a similar language and culture. It’s the “Tai” language/culture. Sitting on the Shan Plateau in Myanmar, Mong La is actually a rather scenic place almost like Weixi in Yunnan Province. Its name is believed to be derived […]

Aussie Odyssey 2017

It’s the average Singaporean’s favourite holiday destination and not being an average Singapore, it’s only until now that I finally decide to check out some of the not so conventional attractions Down Under. Follow me on my hectic journey with 2 kids in tow! Aussie Odyssey Part 1 (Darwin/Uluru) Aussie Odyssey Part 2 (Kata Tjuta/Kings […]

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