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Street Wisdom

I’ve encountered incidents like that, but mostly in China. You pick the fruits, then just as you’re looking for your wallet, the seller swaps your bag for another one with all the rotten fruits. Luckily I checked. And if you think that it only occurs in China and India, think again. Maids in Singapore are […]

Street Wisdom

Can’t understand Chinese? Read his early adventures in English. Here’s street wisdom for those who venture into cowboy towns and other places where there’s no toilet paper. For more travellers’ tales by Chan Joon Yee, check out Knapsack Notes Check Out Knapsack Books by Chan Joon Yee

Candi Prambanan 1997

I found out that I didn’t have any clean clothes left after descending from Gunung Semeru in 1997. My shoes were not in good condition either, bursting at the seams. At Yogyakarta, I realised that I badly needed a whole new outfit. So I went to a local clothing store and bought a very “Indonesian” […]

Tengger Caldera 1997

A catastrophic volcanic eruption may change the landscape drastically, but most of the time, even volcanoes change imperceptibly over several human lifetimes. As far as mountains go, having been there and done that doesn’t give you much bragging rights anymore. If you had used a film camera back then, those who went recently are likely […]

Tilicho Lake 2017

The year is coming to an end. Those who have been following me on Knapsack Treks Facebook page probably already have an inkling on how the expedition went. I stopped short of crossing Mesokanto La because 1) there was a lot more snow and ice than expected 2) I don’t want my teenager to be […]

Wuling Farm, Taiwan

Geographically, Wuling Farm 武陵农场 lies in Taizhong County. In reality, it’s quite a distance from the city of Taizhong itself. The name “wuling” means military hill. This hilly region was originally established in 1963 to farmland for retired soldiers to keep themselves occupied and productive. Under the leadership of the first director, army veterans cultivated […]

The Ruins Of Old Papan

Papan was once a small but prosperous tin-mining town in Peninsula Malaysia. Long-abandoned by fortune seekers, the town now lies in ruins. The ghostly images of a once prosperous town now attracts sophisticated visitors with an eye for antiquities. No. 74, Papan Perak No 74 Main Street, Papan, must be one of the most famous […]

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