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Qingshui Cliff

Qingshui Cliff, Taiwan The highest coastal cliff in Taiwan, Qingshui cliff rises from the Pacific Ocean on the east coast of Taiwan. The highest point on this range rises to 2408m directly from the ocean. The Su-Hua Highway runs along this cliff, connecting Suao and Hualian. Getting there from Taipei: I would prefer to take […]

Haunted Mountain

Qilai Shan, the haunted mountain The first incident recounted occurred 62 years after the formation of the Republic (1911+62). A group of 7 climbers from two universities in Taiwan made an attempt on Qilai Shan just as a typhoon was approaching. The group had judged that the typhoon will not hit the mountain and hence […]

Heavenly Treks 8th August 2016

This is an ambitious expedition to climb 3 mountains in Central Java. I call the series of treks “Heavenly Treks” because the scenery is so awesome that you won’t believe you’re still on earth – let alone a “cheap” destination (to many snobbish Singaporeans) like Indonesia. I shall begin by flying into Jakarta in the […]

Back From Kinabalu

Kinabalu 2016 Post Earthquake Climb I’m back from Mt Kinabalu, having reached the summit for the 5th time on 24th May 2016. Unfortunately for me, the weather was awful for the two days. I walked up a cascade on my way to Laban Rata and on summit day, I had to battle freezing rain, strong […]

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