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Desaru Trip

Of course it’s “only” Desaru and there isn’t much adventure here, but for a short getaway, it makes perfect sense. We got up and left home at about 0600. It was still dark and the trains were not crowded yet. The queue at Kranji MRT station was also pretty short. Nevertheless, we did encounter some […]

Ostrich Farm

The drive to the ostrich farm (Taman Burung Unta) took about 30mins. It is located near the SE corner of Johor and appeared to be a family business run rather informally inside a kampung. Before we entered the farm proper, the lady boss gave us a brief introduction to ostrich eggs and baby ostriches. We […]

Crocodile Farm

The crocodile farm or taman buaya is located in the west. Wahid took about 30mins to drive us there. We were the first “group” at the farm that day. Those who came direct from Singapore arrived when we were leaving. “Want to buy some chickens to feed the crocodiles?” the lady boss asked me. “Eh […]

Desaru Fruit Farm

The Desaru fruit farm is only a couple of km from the sleepy town of Bandar Penawar. I decided to make it our last stop on our second day of discovery. We arrived there from the crocodile farm in the late morning and were just in time to fall into the “lunch trap”. The package […]

Desaru Utama

As you can see from the Google Earth image capture above, Desaru Utama is just a couple of km north of rundown and sleepy Bandar Penawar. It is an estate with a cluster of shops, rather typical of Malaysia. Our driver Wahid was not free that evening, but he called his friend to pick us […]

Qingshui Cliff

Qingshui Cliff, Taiwan The highest coastal cliff in Taiwan, Qingshui cliff rises from the Pacific Ocean on the east coast of Taiwan. The highest point on this range rises to 2408m directly from the ocean. The Su-Hua Highway runs along this cliff, connecting Suao and Hualian. Getting there from Taipei: I would prefer to take […]

Haunted Mountain

Qilai Shan, the haunted mountain The first incident recounted occurred 62 years after the formation of the Republic (1911+62). A group of 7 climbers from two universities in Taiwan made an attempt on Qilai Shan just as a typhoon was approaching. The group had judged that the typhoon will not hit the mountain and hence […]

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