Jumpstart Cream

TCM massage therapist Master Chan (not related to me) has given me a tube of Jump Start to try out. It’s some sort of ointment that improves muscle performance before exercise and speeds up recovery after exercise.

According to their website:

“JUMPSTART is an energy cream formulated for sportsmen and athletes to multiply the ability of your muscles to work harder and longer. It gives an immediate and sustained boost to your speed, strength and endurance during intense physical activities.”

The science:

This cream provides ribose, creatine and caffeine which are delivered into the system via a transdermal delivery technology. The first 2 constituents provide the raw materials for the production of ATP. Caffeine’s ergogenic properties are widely known and also mentioned in the other topics on this site.

I brought one tube with me on my Kinabalu climb. Well, I’ve used it there and it works. You’ll feel more energetic and “warmed up” when you apply before exercise. After strenuous exercise, you’ll feel significantly less muscle soreness.

I also tried it before doing intense push ups. Not so good. Why? The product works well under cold conditions on the mountain. In the steamy tropical lowlands and applied to a more sensitive area like the chest, you’ll really feel the heat after applying. The heat generated can cause significantly increased sweating and even some discomfort. Under hot weather conditions, it is likely to sap your energy instead of boosting it.


My recommendation. Use it on your legs before running, trekking, hiking. Do not use it on your chest and arms under warm or hot weather conditions. Stay well-hydrated.