Tomb of Yu Chun Shun (1951-1996) in Xinjiang, China

Western bloggers and travel writers are really fond of mocking Chinese tourists. They are often described as rude, loud, shallow and quite content with a day trip and some trophy shots. Worse, many of these attractions cater to their whims and fancies, selling food, souvenirs, renting out horses and playing loud music in places where the beauty lies in the serenity. While it is true that most Chinese tourists behave this way, the righteous Western writers may not be aware that there are Chinese adventurers and explorers who are every bit as hardy and intrepid as their Western counterparts.

Under this category, Knapsack Treks pays tribute to some relatively unknown Asian adventurers. Some are still pursuing their dreams, some are retired and some have become legends.

Yu Chun Shun